Watch Live on Roku

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Along with watching online, you can now watch Northeastern Baptist Church on Roku.


What is Roku?

The Roku Streaming Player (or simply Roku) is a series of set-top boxes manufactured by Roku, Inc. Their streaming device gets data (video) via a wired or Wi-Fi connection. Roku partners provide content in the form of easy to access channels.

What does this mean for me?
Northeastern Baptist Church sermons are now available on our own Roku channel. This means you can watch Services LIVE or video on-demand ON YOUR TELEVISION throughout the week, without the need of a computer.

After installing your device, search for “Northeastern” on Roku’s channel store, and select Add Channel. The channel is free to add and use. Once added, it will appear on your Roku channel list.

Roku’s are inexpensive, work on most current televisions and offer great video on-demand viewing. Add our channel to your lineup and tell your friends!

Go Directly to Northeastern’s Roku channel page and add it to your account.

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